London endocrinologist and diabetes consultant

Dr A Qureshi

London Endocrinologist, Clementine Churchill Hospital clinic for patients with diabetes and endocrinology disorders

Patient testimonials

“Thank God for for the gift given to Dr Qureshi. He is the best when it comes to the treatment of Endocrinologist and Diabetologist. He is a master in that field and commands a lot of respect:”

“Dr Qureshi was polite, efficient and thorough. His secretary arranged appointments for me to see him at the Clementine Churchill hospital.”

“When I say he has saved my life by how he has dealt with me I am not lying, he always makes time to fully listen to everything i have to say and will book me in for any scans needed as and when needed. He is by far one of the best and most personable doctors I have every come across.”

“Really pleased with the accuracy and service received from Dr Qureshi. I have seen lots of doctors before, but none had tailored treatment which was so effective and suited particularly for my body, Dr Qureshi managed to control my diabetes well from it being quite poorly controlled to it being in good control now.”

“Dr Qureshi is an excellent physician, he dealt with us in a totally professional way and answered all our queries. I am a GP, so can gauge this well.”

“Dr Asjid Qureshi is an excellent Endocrine Specialist who is very attentive to the needs of his patients. He is well informed, and always willing to address patients’ concerns. I have been seeing him for over four years and he has tirelessly worked to ensure my thyroid function is normalized.”

“A great professional, understands that not all lifestyles and professions fit one standard and approach to treatment; on top of new technology and provides practical solutions in a calm, considered and polite style. Highly recommended.”

“Highly competent and experienced. My case is highly complex and he was and continues to help me. Would highly recommend Dr Qureshi.”

“Very helpful consultation. Changed some processes, timing and meds, which I have been using for years. I was impressed by the way the logic of things was explained.”

“Dr. Qureshi in my opinion is an asset to any institution where he works. He is a very knowledgeable and a thorough professional.”

“Among others, Dr. Qureshi is considered the most quicker response and professional.  The website looks integrated and has beneficial information. However, I would like to recommend to change the flash (plug in) which is not compatible to view some mobile phones and tablets (removed now).”

“I have been privileged to be referred to Dr Qureshi.

 He is a competent, caring endocrinologist and my diabetes has been well control since two years ago, when I was referred to him.”

“We are grateful for the very pragmatic and well thought out advice”

“Dr Qureshi was extremely thorough and knowledgeable, reassuring and helpful.”

“Dr. Qureshi is an excellent doctor who reviewed all complaints, summarised his clinical impression in a very comprehensive manner outlining management accordingly- which I as a doctor of medicine myself felt were relevant and crucial in clarifying the diagnosis.”

“Excellent consultation”

“Dr Qureshi is one of the most experienced doctors I ever met.

He discovered my case a very rare tumour helped me to except and supported me after the first ineffective surgery.  Due to very complicated case I’ve met many endocrinologists and surgeons of various degrees and experience in the UK and Germany. None of them had challenged his findings and conclusions.  He is very quick with every feedback, analysis results etc. Easy to book appointment and follow up tests with Wellington Hospital Platinum Centre. He is excellent doctor and I’m very thankful to him.”

“It was a relief to get a quick diagnosis and begin treatment immediately as my initial NHS appointment wasn’t for another 12 weeks. Within a couple of weeks of diagnosis and starting medication I was already starting to feel better. Rather disappointed my insurance company only covered me for my first appointment though, however cost of my second appointment with blood tests was very reasonable.”

“The process of arranging an appointment and my consultation with Dr Qureshi were excellent”

“Perfect. Attentive, professional and straight to the point with relevant medical advice. Just what I needed.”

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