When is this performed?

  • When there is a specific adrenal lesion that over produces hormones, e.g. Conn`s syndrome, phaeochromocytoma
  • When a malignant adrenal lesion cannot be ruled out, e.g. lesion greater than 5cm or lesion enlarging at fast rate
  • Both adrenal glands are sometimes removed in Cushing`s disease that has proved difficult to control

What does the treatment involve?

  • Adrenal surgery may be performed through an open (large) scar or laparoscopically. Which approach is used is dependent on the adrenal lesion being removed and local surgical experience

Are there any side-effects?

  • In Cushing`s syndrome, surgery may be followed by a period of glucocorticoid deficiency which is why steroids are usually prescribed
  • Other complications are rare, but as with any surgery may include those related to infection and poor scar healing

How long does this treatment take and is admission to hospital required?

  • Surgery may take a few hours to complete
  • Hospital admission for laparoscopic surgery may be up to 3 days
  • Hospital admission for open adrenal surgery may be up to a week 

What should you tell your doctor?

  • A precise list of all your medication
  • Your allergies
  • If you take steroids

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