When is this performed?

  • In patients with one or more over active parathyroid glands
  • In parathyroid cancer

What does the treatment involve?

  • Surgery can be performed using various approaches depending on the nature of the illness being treated and your local services
  • Examples of approaches include:
    Open (or explorative through larger incision)
    Focal (small incision beside parathyroid identified to be at fault)
    Endoscopic (small incision, but can be used to explore)

Are there any side-effects?

  • A low serum calcium after surgery is not uncommon and can be associated with tingling. Your calcium will be checked after surgery and treatment commenced if needed
  • A slight alteration in voice occurs rarely (<1%)

How long does this treatment take and is admission to hospital required?

  • The operative procedure may take less than an hour
  • The duration of stay in hospital is dependent on the surgical approach taken
  • Minimally invasive techniques can be performed as a day case, where as open explorative procedure may admission for several days
  • Patients undergoing a focal procedure may be back to work within days
  • The recovery time for open explorative procedures may be 1 week

What should you tell your doctor?

  • A precise list of all your medication
  • Your allergies

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