When is this performed?

  • With an overactive thyroid
  • With an enlarged thyroid
  • In thyroid cancer

What does the treatment involve?

  • Some centres do an uptake scan prior to administering radioiodine. This scan is painless. Radioiodine (I131) is radioactive iodine and is administered orally.

Are there any side-effects?

  • The main “side-effect” of the treatment is that with a large dose, the thyroid is likely to become under active. This however, is the aim of treatment in many centres. Some patients may experience some tenderness in their neck temporarily.

How long does this treatment take and is admission to hospital required?

  • The treatment (including scan, explanation and consenting) takes only a few hours and hospital admission is not required.  

What should you tell your doctor?

  • A precise list of all your medication
  • Your allergies
  • Your occupation
  • Pregnancy status and plans
  • If you have young children at home
  • If you come into contact with pregnant women
  • If you are troubled with urinary incontinence

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