When is this performed?

  • In the treatment of an over active thyroid
  • For the removal of a large thyroid
  • For the removal of a thyroid nodule or lesion

What does the treatment involve?

  • Receiving an anaesthetic – usually general anaesthetic
  • Surgical incision around the necklace line in the neck

Are there any side-effects?

  • Immediately after surgery the neck can feel sore and swallowing may be a uncomfortable
  • The mortality rates with surgery are very low (0.16%)
  • A hoarse voice is common and usually temporary
  • Permanent change to the voice is rare (1-2%)
  • If the complete thyroid is removed, patients have an under active thyroid following surgery and require life-long thyroid hormone replacement

How long does this treatment take and is admission to hospital required?

  • Usually 1-3 days and hospital admission is required. Patients will also need to take time off work and avoid driving for about 2 weeks.

What should you tell your doctor?

  • A precise list of all your medication
  • Your allergies

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